Tracking Code Setup

Precisely track user actions to increase performance.

Using our complete tracking code setup you can show hyper-relevant ads to users and further analyze collected data.

Tracking Code Setup

Speed up the optimization process of marketing channels using data-driven techniques

Professional tracking code setup is required for Advanced Analytics

Collected and analyzed data reveal valueable business insights

Benefits of using tracking codes

The secrets of optimizing marketing channels are professional tracking code setup and advanced analytics

The usage of tracking codes gives us the ability to reveal customer behavior, collect important metrics, and improve KPIs.

Collected data can be further analyzed using Advanced Analytics techniques.

Events measured using tracking codes
Advanced Analytics and Tracking Codes

Analytical mindset + Code development expertise

Advanced tracking code setup means a lot more than simple copy-paste. We set up microconversions, custom metrics, custom JavaScript codes to improve marketing performance. Our code development expertise ensures that we can do our thing without any problems.

Thanks to our analytical mindset, we know how you can outperform your competition using Advanced Analytics techniques.

Marketing Synergy

Landing Page Design

Tracking codes can be used to measure landing page performance metrics and further improve KPIs.


PPC Ads Management

Tracking codes can be used to create hyper-relevant ads, and further improve custom audiences and KPIs.


Email Marketing

Tracking codes can be used to measure email campaigns performance metrics and further improve KPIs.


Advanced Analytics

Data collected through tracking codes can be analyzed professionally to gain valuable business insights.


Case Study

Ziaja eCommerce store - Advanced Tracking Code Setup and Analytics

Our tracking code structures, advanced analysis techniques and visual reports achieve outstanding digital marketing ad performance.

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