Advanced Analytics

Look beyond the raw numbers, get the most out of your data.

We improve the performance of your digital marketing channels, and enhance user experience.

Advanced Analytics generates more income.

Advanced Analytics improves your overall marketing strategy.

You get detailed reports providing deep insight into user behaviour

We precisely analyze cross-channel promotion effects

Professional analytics for your business

Make Your Users Happier

We help you see the big picture of user satisfaction, sales funnel and purchasing process.

Uncovering valuable insights you gain an understanding of what changes to make to increase conversion rate.

Advanced analytics reports include heatmaps, visitor recordings, feedback polls, surveys, and visual feedback.

Advanced Analytics Toolset
Make Your Business Intelligent

Make Your Business Intelligent

Our documents paint the complete picture of your online presence that help you identify business opportunities.

We fix potential user experience issues, and always find new ways to improve.

User analytics reduces advertising cost and improves important KPIs.

Marketing Synergy

Search Engine Optimization

User behavior analysis helps finding out how you can expand your content to improve SEO ranking.


PPC Ads Management

Gain understanding on how users engage with your site through PPC campaigns.


Email Marketing

Get a deeper understanding of subscriber behaviour to further increase performance.


Tracking Code Setup

Track your audience's behavior on-site and off-site, measure website and PPC campaign metrics, your advertising ROI, optimize using microconversions and custom audiences.


Case Study

Ziaja eCommerce store - Advanced Tracking Code Setup and Analytics

Our tracking code structures, advanced analysis techniques and visual reports achieve outstanding digital marketing ad performance.

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